Here is the list of spiral model Advantages and Disadvantages

Spiral Model Advantages:

  • Avoidance of Risk is instantly improved, due to a large amount of Risk analysis.
  • Suitable for large scale and mission-critical projects.
  • Software is delivered right on time in the SDLC.
  • Additional Functionality can be included at a later date.
  • Requirements can be caught all the more precisely.
  • Documentation can be controlled with over strong approval
  • Users see the system early.

spiral model advantages


  • It can be a huge expensive model to use.
  • Risk analysis requires highly specific expertise.
  • The project’s success is highly dependent on the risk analysis phase.
  • Incapable of smaller projects.
  • Spiral may go indefinitely.
  • Spiral Model Process is complex
  • The vast number of intermediate stages requires a huge amount of documentation.