Spiral Model

Spiral model is a mix of iterative development process model and sequential linear development model i.e. waterfall model with very high accentuation on risk analysis. Spiral Model Design: The Spiral model has four stages: Planning, Risk Analysis, Engineering and Evaluation. A software project extend more than once goes through these stages in iterations (called Spirals […]

Advantage and Disadvantage of Waterfall Model

Advantage: The Advantage of waterfall development is that it takes into consideration departmentalization and control. A timetable can be set with due dates for every stage of development and a product can continue through the development model phases one by one. Development moves from concept, through design, implementation, testing, installation, troubleshooting, and ends up at […]

Waterfall Model

The main formal description of the waterfall model is frequently referred to as a 1970 article by Winston W. Royce. Royce presented this model as an example of a flawed, non-working model. Waterfall methodology was first SDLC Model to be utilized generally as a part of Software Engineering to guarantee achievement of the Project. In […]

Overview of SDLC

SDLC, Software Development Life Cycle is a procedure utilized by software industry to outline, create and test top notch softwares. The SDLC intends to deliver a fantastic software that meets or surpasses client desires, achieves culmination inside of times and expense gauges. SDLC referred as Software Development Life Cycle. The software improvement life cycle (SDLC) […]