Big Data is a set of big and complicated data collection which cannot be processed via the normal database management instruments or processing apps. Several challenges such as capturing, curation, storing, searching, share, analyzing along with demonstration come across during the process of Big Data. Big Data degree is one of the most demanded credentials in the technology world today.

What learning advantages one receives from BagyaTech?

Once you’re done with BagyaTech’s Hadoop Big Data online training, students will be able to:

  • Acquire the knowledge to code complicated MapReduce software in MRv1 as well as MRv2.
  • Acquire the Hadoop framework concept and its positioning in a cluster atmosphere.
  • Master top notch scripting structures Pig & Hive and implement data analysis via top notch coding language in Pig & Hive.
  • Attain a good knowledge of Ecosystem and its developed parts such as Apache Oozie workflow scheduler, Flume and more.
  • Achieve hands-on knowledge in several Hadoop configurations, its troubleshooting and optimization.
  • Acknowledge developed concepts Hadoop 2.0- Zookeeper, Hbase as well as Sqoop.
  • Know developed ideas of parallel processing in MRv1 and MRv2.
  • Comprehend Hadoop Architecture after acknowledging Hadoop Distribution File System processes codes.
  • Develop Big Data sets with great efficacy and derive rational conclusions which are helpful in real time industrial scenes.

Hadoop Course Online
The Career Benefits in Store for You

  • The accreditation allows you master the Big Data wave, develops your analytics abilities and allows you to opt for jobs such as Hadoop Developer, Data Scientist, Hadoop Tester and Hadoop Architect.
  • Big companies such as Microsoft, IBM, HP, Software AG, SAP, Oracle, Dell and EMC2 have invested as much as $15 billion on projects of Data Management & Analytics, thus enhancing the chances of opportunities for Big Data accredited professionals.
  • Accredited analysts are paid around $117000, when compared to the non- accredited professionals.
  • The Big Data specialists with Hands-on coverage to business related tools surely hold an advancing career graph.


Who should opt for Big DATA course?

Estimates say the year 2015 will be the time when Big Data and Hadoop will finally be the cornerstone of business technology schema. In order to lead the game, Big Data and Hadoop has now become a must for technology professionals.

  1. Graduates aiming for a good career in Big Data
  2. Architects and Software programmers
  3. Mainframe specialists
  4. Testing specialists
  5. Project Managers
  6. Analytics specialists
  7. DW/ ETL/ BI specialists

The Big Data course at Bagya Tech gives all the students a chance to develop their skill and attain complete mastery in the Big Data.