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selenium trainingSelenium, an automation tool that automates web pages, is developed by Thought Works and now is being supported by Google developers. BagyaTech offers online training on Selenium Webdriver with a detailed curriculum in place. The curriculum consists of around 16 sessions covering the complete training material and the basics of Java. These online sessions help you gain sufficient knowledge on automation of web applications and implementation of multiple workflows such as Data driven, Page Object model and Hybrid.

Selenium online training covers automation testing, detailed explanation of the components of Selenium, mechanism of Selenium, features and installation of Selenium IDE, the process of enhancing Selenium IDE using JAVA etc..


Our Selenium online training sessions are instructed by experts in the niche who have hands on experience and grasp over the subject. We offer interactive trainer led online training with real time experience. Our training sessions are usually interview focused and we share an exhaustive set of interview questionnaire related to Selenium course. With the help of our lab facilities provided on the cloud, you can amass real time experience by working on definite projects soon after finishing the training courses.


We appreciate the fact that not all are free throughout the week. So we make our training sessions in both weekdays and weekends. So it’s your choice to pick out the best option that suits you. Also, once you signed for a training batch, you will be allowed to access our video library with all the testing courses available to acquire in depth knowledge of the subject. Because BagyaTech isn’t just another online training institute. Its student-centric and knowledge-focused. In fact, we provide you interview questions along with answers related Selenium.


  • Student centric training methodologies.
  • Expert faculty to train learners.
  • Exhaustive curriculum.
  • Round the clock access to video library, blogs, and study material.
  • Customizable training batches as per learner’s convenience.

Everything you need and you look for in order to gain expertise in Selenium can be found here with us.

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Written by: Rupali
Date Published: 06/11/2015
Hi, I joined BagyaTech for Selenium course. I like the way of mentor Vidya teaching. She is very friendly, patience and helpful to solve queries instantly.
4.6 / 5 stars